It’s Not Training, It’s Empowerment

Empower great leaders and better human beings with a leadership process that creates a common leadership language.


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The Process, Art, and Science of Leadership

"I’ve developed a leadership process that allows leaders to define what they will hold themselves, and their teams, accountable to. It applies to emerging leaders, high level executives, and every level of leader in between, and it will produce thinkers who act with initiative, autonomy, and precision. But most importantly, it will get your team or organization speaking a common leadership language."

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Errol Doebler, Founder of Leader 193

Executive Coaching

Create a common leadership language for your organization.

Leader 193 helps leaders eliminate chaotic team environments and gain control of priorities through executive coaching and web-based leadership development courses based on our original and adaptable leadership process.

It’s not training, it’s empowerment.

Leader 193 Executive Coaching curriculum focuses on the never ending leadership question “How do I hold people accountable?” This program, called The Process, Art, and Science of Leadership teaches teams and organizations to speak a common leadership language centered around accountability.

As a career long programmer I flamed out of my first big time leadership role. Errol’s guidance and coaching has given me the confidence and skills to handle a team again and I am having a blast while soaring towards heights I hadn’t thought possible.

Zac Ruiz, Founder of

Leader 193 curriculum integrates core topics including…

  • Learn a tried and true leadership process
  • Implement a common leadership language
  • Define what you will hold people accountable to
  • Strategic planning process
  • Emotional awareness & recognition
  • Behavioral guidelines
  • Motivational stories to reinforce the leadership process
  • Understand the art and science behind the process of leadership

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