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Empower great leaders and better human beings with leadership training that instills accountability and creates a common leadership language.


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The Process, Art, and Science of Leadership

"I’ve developed a leadership process that allows leaders to define what they will hold themselves, and their teams, accountable to. It applies to emerging leaders, high level executives, and every level of leader in between, and it will produce thinkers who act with initiative, autonomy, and precision. But most importantly, it will get your team or organization speaking a common leadership language."

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Errol Doebler, Founder of Leader 193

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The Process, Art, and Science of Leadership

Despite the fact that leading can look and feel messy at times, there is a very distinct process to leading well that can be followed in combat, in business, and in our most important place of leadership…at home. Where most leaders struggle with accomplishing their goals and getting buy-in from their teams, this book provides a methodology that will help any leader guide their team successfully. 

ISBN: 978-0-578-70897-3

Errol Doebler’s honesty and vulnerability help him explain leadership in a fresh way that is accessible to anyone aspiring to improve their leadership at home, at work, or in the world around them.

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Leadership Development That Instills Accountability and Creates a Common Leadership Language for Your Organization

Leader 193 helps eliminate chaotic team environments and gain control of priorities through executive coaching, keynote speaking, corporate retreats, and web based leadership development courses based on our original and adaptable leadership process.

Executive Coaching

Leader 193 helps eliminate chaotic team environments and gain control of priorities through executive coaching and web-based leadership development courses.

Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

Speaking engagements range from small group settings to large conferences focusing on Leader 193’s core principles of leadership. Several topics available.

Corporate Retreats

Leader 193 hosts a variety of corporate experiences designed for teams and organizations aspiring to create and maintain a culture of leadership and excellence.

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Digital Credentials

Leader 193 has partnered with Acclaim to develop a digital credential program to help differentiate yourself amongst business professionals and leaders. Learn more today!

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