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3 Reasons Why Mindfulness is Key to Great Leadership

We very often dismiss mindfulness as some squishy term used to make us feel better about ourselves, but without any real, practical effects. Some connect mindfulness with people who are out of touch with the struggles of the real world. “I’ve got real work to do! I don’t have time for this hippy propaganda!”

If you are even close to feeling this way about the concept of mindfulness then it is time to reframe your thoughts around it.

Here Are Three Reasons to Reframe Your Thoughts Around Mindfulness and Use It As a Force For Good

  1. If you are not mindful of your behavior, then you are not aware of how you are influencing your environment: Leaders impact those around them primarily based on how they behave. If you are not mindful of how you behave, you cannot possibly be aware how you are impacting your environment. For better or worse, the behaviors you exhibit as a leader will be the behaviors the people you lead will emulate. These behaviors are what make up the culture you are creating as a leader. If you are not mindful, your team, organization, or family will end up on the “worse” side of “for better or worse”.
  2. If you are not mindful of your emotions, you cannot influence, adapt, or change your behaviors: You cannot have one without the other. Your emotions will drive your actions. If you are not mindful of how you are feeling throughout the day, you will not be able to make positive, sustainable adjustments to your behaviors.
  3. Mindfulness will be the thing that allows you to properly deal with stress: Stress will always come. How you deal with it over the long term will define you as a leader. See numbers 1 and 2 as the beginnings of dealing with stress. Stress, if left unchecked, will take control over every aspect of your life. Stressful situations will create their own brand of negative behaviors. If you are not mindful of the stress you are facing and mindful of how you are acting on it, then you will repeat those behaviors which will generally be of the negative kind…which will lead to more stress. Eventually the inflammation created by this long-term stress will become chronic. Once you have chronic stress, you will begin facing true, life-threatening ailments. And all because you were not mindful of the small things in your life that you let build up over time and take negative control of your life.  

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