• My Journey with TBI: The Beginning of Worthiness

    My Journey with TBI: The Beginning of Worthiness

    This blog series is about my newfound journey with Traumatic Brain Injury, also known as TBI. Throughout this series over the coming weeks and months, I will outline the many major head injuries I have suffered, the effects they have on me without me even knowing it, my realization that I have a problem, the struggle […]

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  • 365 Days @36.5 Degrees Saved My Life

    365 Days @36.5 Degrees Saved My Life

    At this time last year, I was beyond frustrated at the state of affairs in the world as my son celebrated his seventh birthday in our driveway without any of his friends because of COVID lockdowns. I was furious. But what I did not like most of all was my response to the things that were happening […]

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