Your Journey to Begins Here

The Leader 193 Digital Mastermind invites ambitious individuals seeking actionable strategies to achieve success and fulfillment in every aspect of their lives.

This is THE private group of results-driven individuals looking to become the best version of themselves.

This is a private community designed to accelerate your growth to greatness.

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Optimize Your Wellness

It takes more than a few workouts a week to keep your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health thriving. Together, we will challenge ourselves to truly take care of of bodies, our minds and our spirits through multi-disciplinary approaches to wellness including breathwork, meditation, cold exposure, physical fitness, nutrition, and other proven strategies.

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Level Up Your Leadership

This mastermind will transform and empower you as a leader. Including Errol’s teachings found in The Process, Art, and Science of Leadership, members will grow as leaders not only in business but in all aspects of life. Members will learn how to follow the science of positive behavioral change, and will engage and learn with other highly motivated individuals striving for impact.

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Improve Your Accountability

This is a private group of like-minded, results-driven, individuals looking to become the absolute best versions of themselves. This program includes ambitious people looking for actionable strategies to achieve success and fulfillment in every aspect of their lives. Accountability is a vital component of growth, and members of this group support each other to that end.

As a Member You Will Get:

  • Bi-weekly quick hitting video content to to establish a theme of focus (delivered to your inbox on the first and third Monday of every month).
  • Corresponding bi-weekly challenge designed to drill each bi-weekly theme.
  • Access to a private members only Facebook group for members to post daily progress or ask questions for bi-weekly themes and challenges.
  • Bi-weekly live one hour Q&A sessions for direct engagement with Errol to discuss the theme, the challenge, and IMPACT.
  • Live Wim Hof Method introductory course – including how to practice the method safely and the physical benefits, taught by Errol.
  • Lifetime Access to the Find Your Breath and Lead progressive web application developed by Errol Doebler designed to guide you through Wim Hof-style breathing sessions at your own pace and in the privacy of your own home.
  • Members will also receive a 20% discount to attend The Forum, Leader 193’s premiere leadership experience. Learn more.

Challenges You Will Solve:

  • How to best lead through chaos and change
  • How to prioritize and plan for your own personal health and wellness
  • How to better deal with and reduce the negative effects of stress
  • How to transition daily from “work life” to “home life”
  • How to develop a strong culture both personally and professionally
  • How to act with intention in every interaction you have
  • How to maintain focus on the task at hand
  • How to instill initiative and autonomy in your team at work, within your family and within yourself

Special Pricing Options Available

  1. Monthly Membership: $125/month (requires a three month minimum commitment, cancel anytime after 3 months)
  2. Semi-annual Membership: $600 up front for 6 months (equivalent to a 20% savings or $100/month!)
  3. Annual Membership: $985 up front for 12 months (equivalent to over 30% savings or $85/month!)
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What People Are Saying

Errol was amazing. As a former Navy SEAL, he brought a lot of confidence to the table with him which he imported upon us. As a former FBI Agent, he brought a lot of teaching skills with him as well.

Workshop Participant
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Errol was clear and direct with his communication. He answered all the questions asked by the students very thoroughly and made us all feel welcome and comfortable with the process. I would take another class led by Errol. He’s an excellent coach and instructor.

Workshop Participant