1 on 1 Coaching with Leader 193 Senior Instructor


Leader 193 developed a leadership process that allows leaders to define what they will hold their teams, and themselves, accountable to. This process will produce thinkers who act with initiative, autonomy, and precision. But most importantly, it will get your team or organization speaking a common leadership language. There is an art required when implementing this leadership process to ensure the specific needs of each leader and team are met. Finally, there is a science that correlates to how the leadership process and art create real and lasting change in leaders and teams.

  • 8 One on one 1 hour coaching sessions with a Leader 193 certified coach
  • Lifetime access to Leader 193’s Online Academy – focused on the 5 Elements of the Leader 193 Way through 41 + online lessons
  • Access to the Leader 193 Interactive App
  • Get your own personalized Leadership by Design web page to track your goals and progress
  • Earn the Leadership Foundations Professional digital credential to display your learnings to colleagues and friends.