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The Process, Art, and Science of Leadership

Despite the fact that leading can look and feel messy at times, there is a very distinct process to leading well that can be followed in combat, in business, and in our most important place of leadership…at home. Where most leaders struggle with accomplishing their goals and getting buy-in from their teams, this book provides a methodology that will help any leader guide their team successfully. 

ISBN: 978-0-578-70897-3

Errol Doebler’s honesty and vulnerability help him explain leadership in a fresh way that is accessible to anyone aspiring to improve their leadership at home, at work, or in the world around them.

zac ruiz, founder and ceo of salt.io


Leadership takes many forms in many different environments. Leaders come in all shapes and sizes, too. No matter the environment or who you are as a leader, one thing is for certain: effective leadership is not a matter of personality or circumstances. It is a process that is applicable to every leader of every stripe in every environment. 

In this illuminating book, Doebler shows an uncommon and refreshing vulnerability in sharing his many self-inflicted wounds and successes so that readers can learn from his many years of experience. You’ll learn the art of applying the process to your personal needs and the science of how it works, and you’ll have concrete tools for practicing the process through breathing exercises and cold exposure. The process is structured yet flexible, allowing you to lead in a way that is authentic to you.

About the Author

Errol Doebler is the creator of The Process, Art, and Science of Leadership. Through Leader 193, his leadership consulting firm, he teaches his methodology to business leaders around the world. Errol developed this methodology through his experience as a United States Naval Officer, where he served as a Surface Warfare Officer and Navy SEAL, and through his years of working with the FBI. Errol is one of the few people in the world who has had the distinction of serving as a Surface Warfare Officer, SEAL and as an FBI Special Agent and FBI SWAT Operator.

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More Praise for The Process, Art, and Science of Leadership

Leadership is an art and a science. The art is what you bring to the table, whoever ‘you’ happen to be, the science is what you need to do in order to be a good leader. Errol Doebler provides everything you need of the latter to help you utilize the former. I was engrossed from the opening page and learnt enough in the first reading to want to recommend this book to every CEO I have ever worked with. Punchy, practical and to the point, this is a book you must read. It will change your perspective and maybe, even your life.

David Amerland, Author of the sniper mind

Doebler does a great job using his vast real world experiences in Naval Special Operations and the FBI to highlight a successful process for overall team execution. Sticking to a common repeatable process highlighted in his book can be a difference maker in helping a struggling team push through difficult times. Very translatable for both small biz and larger corporate environments. An easy and fast read.

Paul Fallace

An excellent addition to any professional or personal library. Highly recommend this book to all.

David E

The principles of this book will change your life and make you a much better leader by merely putting it into effect. Errol outlines the necessary leadership levels needed to run a capable team. From my perspective, this book puts things in perspective for me and validated what I felt and understood to be right and wrong in leadership.

Jen Lew

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