The Wim Hof Method has been shown to suppress the immune system, isn’t this bad?

The WHM has shown that we are able to suppress the immune system. Which at first, may not sound as a positive thing.

Actually, it can be very beneficial as in one hand you suppress (downregulate) inflammation and on the other you (upregulate) increase white blood cell. Let us explain:

Our immune system can be roughly categorized into 2 parts. The innate immune system, our first line of defense against bacteria and pathogens. And the adaptive immune system, all the white blood cells necessary in developing immunity against those pathogens. The WHM suppresses the innate immune system and strengthens the adaptive immune system. It suppresses the innate immune system by lowering inflammation (especially un-needed inflammation) and strengthens the adaptive immune system by increasing the number of white blood cells (strengthening immunity). This anti-inflammatory effect of the wim hof method can have plenty of benefits, such as lowering discomfort of symptoms caused by excess inflammation, such as fevers or headaches. “Suppression” sounds like a negative, but in this case can be very positive!

This was all proven in the landmark Radboud study! These effects have been observed and measured in this paper and we encourage you to have a look.

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